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4 ways to show love to your husband

As newlyweds, we are learning the different ways to love and serve each other. In this article, I have listed four different ways that I’ve loved my husband (non-sexually) and I’ve gotten amazing progress in our relationship. Most of the time, it makes him want to do more for me because of my thoughtfulness for him. 🙂

1) Be Graceful

When he gets home from work, ask him how his day was with a smile. Greet him with grace and positive energy. One thing I’ve learned is no one  wants to be burdened with complaints and problems when they have had a long day of work.

2) Plan a fun day for him

Plan a day for him on the weekend of things he likes to do. For example, my husband is a nerd (which I love). One day, I surprised him with going to the Museum of Science and Industry. He is an engineer, so he loves robotics and technology. I also went on a “free day” so we only had to pay for parking. Afterwards, we sat by Lake Michigan and ate lunchables. He loved it because it was thoughtful.

3) Get involved in his interests

A lot of women probably get annoyed by this, but if your man plays video games play a game with him one day. If he likes sports, watch a game and try to get really involved and understand whats going on. My husband personally loves video games, so I try to play with him sometimes and it makes him even more attracted to me, so its a win win!

4) Apologize first

This last tip is very, I repeat VERY hard to do for me. Most people want to be right all the time (let’s be honest ladies, most of the time we definitely are, haha), but sometimes it is OKAY to say sorry first in an argument. Most likely what you two are fighting about is small and it doesn’t matter anyway. Marriage teaches you to be humble, so sometimes, EVEN IF HE IS WRONG just say sorry and end the argument. I’m not saying all the time and definitely not if its something serious, but to serve him out of love let him win the argument and move on.


These are my tips based off of my experience. Marriage can be challenging, but some things you can decide to make a little better. It’s all about love yall! Try it and let me know how it goes. 😉

Love always wins!


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