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Anewow head wraps review: My favorite bonnet.

I have found my favorite head wraps to wear during this quarantine. Many women who have natural hair or want to protect their hair from breakage need great hair protection. While you are stuck inside, this is a great time to promote hair growth. Anewow head wraps are my go to hair wraps. I can wear it to sleep to protect my hair, I can wear it around the house, or I can make a quick run to the grocery store and still look presentable. Here are 4 reasons why you should absolutely add one of these to your bonnet collection.

1) The quality of fabric

This is good quality. It’s not your typical fabric you will find with bonnets at the beauty supply store. The fabric is luxurious and soft. They are perfect for summer and spring. The colors are vibrant giving an awesome fashion statement. I like how it’s something easy I can wrap my hair with. I can pair it with some cute jeans or a sun dress and run my errands for the day.

2) They are handmade items

As a designer and crafter, I really appreciate a handmade item. I know the work that goes into making anything with your hands. These items are made with care and effort. You can tell that passion was put into making each head wrap. They make sure each piece is a work of art.

3) The satin lining

Aside from the beautiful fabric and pattern on the outside, the inside of the bonnet has a satin lining. This promotes healthy hair and protection from breakage. It helps retain length and moisture. This is one of my favorite parts of this item.

4) It’s a nightcap and a head wrap

What I love about this product is the uniqueness in the design. It literally looks like your typical bonnet you wear at night, but there are strips of fabric sewn into the back to wrap your edges and create a cute style. You can put one on and go to sleep without worrying about your hair breaking off. Then, you can wake up feeling like a QUEEN. It’s like you are getting 2 for 1!

Here is a video showing the details of this amazing product and how it arrives.

If you would like to purchase, visit and use my coupon code: CARISE04 to get 3 dollars off of your purchase!

Happy Styling!

4 thoughts on “Anewow head wraps review: My favorite bonnet.

  1. Hey, love the review. I recently purchased but I’ve seen so many ppl complaining about it being a potential scam or their orders took months to arrive. Should you mind telling me your experience with the ordering process ?

    1. Hello. My ordering process was fairly good. I got my products in about a month. The products are very well made. Anewow s not a scam, however there are companies out there imitating this company. Those are the scams. Make sure you are ordering from the actual company.

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