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Free clothing from Lovely Wholesale!

Online shopping for clothing can be amazing or a total nightmare. I love experimenting with affordable options. This was my first time ordering from I was skeptical at first because there were many mixed reviews, but I decided to give it a shot. I ordered two cover ups for my swimsuits. These items were already on sale and I planned on using coupon codes. Not only did I end up getting BOTH of the cover ups for FREE, but I absolutely loved them when they arrived.

How I got them for free!

Style by Carise is all about BARGAIN SHOPPING. I love a good sale, DIY or discounted item. First, I searched for some cute swimsuit cover ups to wear on the beach. Once I found the items I liked and put them in my shopping cart, I started to play with coupon codes. As a result, I found the coupon code: WELCOME. This code brought my balance to ZERO DOLLARS. I was elated! I only had to pay for the shipping. They were doing a promotion for first time buyers and that coupon code took a 100% discount off of your purchase!


Also, I found an end of the summer sale at Forever21. I found this one piece orange swimsuit for 5 dollars!

This summer hat from Forever21 was 1 dollar! I absolutely love a good end of the summer sale. Yes!

Free swimsuit cover up from Lovely Wholesale

This two piece swimsuit under my cover up is on Amazon for $13.99!

So, is Lovely Wholesale a hit or a miss? In summary, I would say that it was totally a hit for me! The items shipped in six days and they looked exactly like the photos pictured on their website. I would definitely order from them again. There are, however, some mixed reviews on other experiences. If you are a first time buyer from this website, I would definitely try it out with the coupon codes.

In conclusion, my resort wear was beautiful. I was able to relax, look fashionable, and have an amazing time.

Free swimsuit cover up from Lovely Wholesale.

Sometimes you need to run away, look fabulous, forget your worries, and swing your hair in the middle of the ocean.

– Style by Carise

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