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Home decor! How to turn old Candles into small accents for your home.

Summer is here! I’m sure you are decorating your home for the summer. Personally, I have been drawn to little accents of greenery this year.  All of your winter decor is put away (hopefully), but don’t throw what’s left of  those amazing smelling holiday candles from Bath and Body works.  Here is my DIY article on how I turned whats left of the old candles and an old flower arrangement into some green spring decor for my home.

From this…..

To this…..

First, I used an old flower arrangement I had at home for the leaves.

I cut all of the leaves off of the arrangement, so that I would have enough for at least two home accents.

Then, I had an old decor broom on the porch. I cut in to small pieces about 2 inches and used this as a filler for the base to hold the leaves.

Carise’s style tip: You can also use small rocks or crystals to fill the base and hold the leaves down.

Next, I cut up the candle wax into small pieces. I left them big enough to use them for wax melts.

Then, use your wax warmer and put the left over pieces of wax inside. I don’t like to waste a thing! lol. Let the house smell good while you are crafting. I use the Mainstays Electric Wax Warmer from Amazon.

Mainstays Electric Wax Warmer, Cream
Mainstays Electric Wax Warmer, Cream

Now that you have an empty candle holder, you can place the base and the artificial leaves inside.

Make a little hole like a birds nest and start sticking your leaves in one by one.

Now they are standing up nice and tall. You can glue them inside if you would like with a hot glue gun, but I decided to just stick them in there in case I want to change the base into rocks or crystals.

All done!

Now you can add your DIY artificial plant accents to your home!

You can add them to other plant decor you may have in your home.
Placing them on your fireplace with some photos really add a decorative summer touch.

Happy styling!