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Jean shorts with fringe DIY.

Jean shorts with fringe can be super cute! Fringe is in for this year and I love everything about it. Here is my “how to” on DIY fringe shorts for under $10. Of course, I went thrifting for an old pair of nicely made jeans at the Goodwill. If you have an old pair of jeans at home you can definitely use those as well. 

Go to Goodwill

First, look for a pair of nicely made jeans that will not fall apart a soon as you cut them. I like the Route 66 brand. These jeans tend to last forever.

Second, when choosing a pair of jeans to make fringe shorts, these jeans should fit a little looser. The jeans should feel a little bigger in the butt and hip area and tight in the waist. This gives the shorts more flare at the bottom to compliment the fringe. I found a relaxed fit style for $7.99.

Take them home and get your scissors ready!

Next, you will have to cut the jeans. Choose a place where you would like the length of the shorts. You can put the pants on and mark them where you want to cut them.

Cut the pants leg off at a spot where you could start cutting your fringe. So, cut the length where you want the bottom of the fringe to end. Longer is better because you can always cut the fringe higher up the shorts to show more leg.

I cut long slits about a 1/2 inch in width and 4 inches in length all down the front and back of the shorts.

Try the shorts on to see if the fringe lays in a desirable spot on your thighs. If not try to rip them up the thigh a little to your desired length. The denim should easily rip with your hands. Don’t rip too hard though!

While ripping the slits of fringe to make the fringe longer and to show more thigh, make sure you are ripping the fringe at a slight angle from the middle of the crotch area to your upper hip. The longer fringe should be at the hips. As a result, the angle of the fringe going shorter to longer gives the shorts a really cute shape once on the body.

Denim Fringe Shorts

After that, wash your shorts. Washing and drying gives fresh cut denim fringe a really ragged look. This gives your shorts an awesome look. My fringe even curled a little after I took them out of the dryer. It’s so cute!

Lastly, TRY THEM ON!

DIY fringe shorts! Love them!

These DIY fringe shorts were worn on our 3rd Honeymoon to the Bahamas. I made custom fringe jean earrings to accessorize with the shorts. I also paired it with this Holographic phone case fanny pack I found on Amazon.

I’m loving this affordable DIY style! It’s fun, it’s flirty, and it’s super easy to make.

Happy Styling my loves!