Tribute to the Queens earrings


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Harriet Tubman

Coretta Scott King

Rosa Parks

Henrietta Lacks

Shirley Chisholm

Zora Neale Hurston

Ida B. Wells

Nina Simone

Maya Angelou

These earrings pay homage to our Queen MUTHAS and our powerful ancestors who endured and paved a way for black women to have more opportunities today.

These are laser engraved on clear acrylic.  Make a tribute in a classy way.

They are approximately 2.5 inches. Please look at the photos for size reference.


Items in stock will be ready to ship within 1-3 business days. We are currently only shipping in the United States. Items could take 5-7 business days to arrive after it’s shipped. Due to COVID-19 shipments could take a little longer.

Polymer clay jewelry is special in every way. The imperfections of each clay piece are what makes clay jewelry so unique and beautiful.  Please be careful with each piece.  They could break or chip if handled roughly.

These items are very delicate. Keep in cool dry places. Most of my handmade crafts and accessories may be made with glue, metals, wood, paper, fabric, acrylic, resin and vinyl. Try to handle them lightly. When selling multiple pair, the colors will be the same colors as shown in the photo, but the patterns and details may be placed differently on each earring.

Most Style by Carise handmade items are a one of a kind exclusive piece. Only certain items will be restocked depending on the demand and availability of the materials. Once you see it and you want it, buy it! It may not be available later.

My items are all made by hand for each individual. No item is exactly the same. Lighting conditions at the time of the photo combined with the viewers computer monitor or mobile display resolution may have a slight impact on the actual color of the product. Advertisement photos are as accurate as possible to the actual color of the product.

All items are designed and handmade by Style by Carise. Because of the time spent on the design process, the materials purchased for each item, and the work done to make each item there will be no refunds or exchanges. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


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