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Thrift store DIY. How to re-design chairs from Goodwill.

 I decorated my loft/lounge area in my home for the summer and I wanted it to be relaxing. My design theme is modern coastal relaxation. I knew I wanted comfort as well. My first furniture pieces I started to look for were two plush reading chairs. I began my search to find chairs that I could re-design at the Goodwill. I was so excited to start this thrift store DIY home decor project.

StylebyCarise Tip: While looking at thrift stores, always look for furniture that isn’t too old. Pay attention to smells, stains, and even look under the pillows. Even though it’s a thrift store or a second hand store, you’d be surprised at the things people give away that are in great condition.

I found exactly what I was looking for at the Goodwill, two very comfy fairly new reading chairs. It looks like someone gave them away because the fabric was absolutely hideous, in my opinion. What made it a, “Super Buy” is that these huge chairs were 30 dollars each!!

After purchasing and taking them home, I started to measure how much fabric I would need. Since these are very large chairs, I knew I would need about 4 yards.  As a budget friendly designer, I compared the prices of different fabric stores. Fabric alone would be about 40-50 dollars, so I figured out another creative way to save money on fabric.  Here is my step by step DIY process on re-styling chairs on a budget:

                             Step 1: Find the chairs                                                Thrift store chair from Goodwill. Two chairs from the thrift store

  As I mentioned earlier, I found this at Goodwill for $30 each! You definitely have to use your imagination when you are restyling things because this color and pattern is YUCK!!

Step 2: Source fabric

DIY fabric covers for the thrift store chairs

You can go to fabric store like Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby, but sometimes the amount of fabric you need can get a little expensive unless you have coupons or they have a sale.  I chose a more affordable route and decided to use bed sheets for fabric. I found king sheets at Walmart that were pretty thick with a nice pattern.

Step 3: Purchase a heavy duty staple gun for crafts

I found this staple gun and Michaels. It’s very inexpensive and you can utilize their online coupons to get 50% off or more.  This staple gun is also at Walmart, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.  Don’t forget to purchase the staples with it!!!

Step 4: Remove any pillows and start measuring out fabric

The original thrift store chair fabric.

Before cutting the fabric, place large pieces on different sections of the chair. See how much you really need and then cut it based off of how it fits and drapes on the chair. You can also use measuring tape, but I have a little more experience so I usually cut it by what I think is best. It’s always better to have more fabric draping than less.

 Step 5:  Time to staple!

When you have measured your fabric, you have to make sure it is laid tightly against the fabric underneath. I tucked the new fabric in corners and crevices of the chair to hold it down and spread it out smoothly when stapling. Make sure your fabric doesn’t have any bubbles or inconsistencies. Try to make it as smooth and tight as possible when you are stapling. I stapled the new fabric in the corners and the seams of the chair, following the lines.  Try to find the wooden base through the fabric to staple. It makes it a little more secure.

Step 6: Cushions

The cushions will be a little different. You will not be able to staple the fabric  to the sitting cushion. You will have to create a pillow case for the sitting cushion by measuring the pillow and sewing it with needle and thread.  It can be done by hand sewing (if you have the patience) or create the pillow case with a house hold sewing machine.  This particular chair has a back cushion. I was able to staple some of the fabric to the back of the chair, but underneath the cushion I did some hand sewing to the inside of the chair to make sure it was secure.

Step 7: Secure all areas

This next step is to just make sure no loose ends are hanging. Staple any loose fabric, hand sew anything that can not be stapled. Just make sure the chair is smooth and fabric is secure. At this point you can also add some decor in the seams in the front.  I didn’t add any to mine, but you can add buttons or decorative lining into the seams on the front arms of the chair.

Step 8: Add a decorative pillow of your choice and enjoy your new stylish chairs!

         FInished re-designed chairs from a thrift store.

Happy Styling! XOXO