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Wedding day coordination. Let us help you get hitched!

My husband and I had an amazing wedding day that we coordinated ourselves. Afterwards, we realized that we were way more stressed out than we needed to be as bride and groom. I literally broke down crying at my rehearsal because I was doing too much. I was coordinating the rehearsal, keeping track of everything, setting up the details in the ceremony and reception room, etc. Because I had  worked in the wedding industry for over six years,  I thought that I could handle everything. That was definitely not the case. I had all the expertise and knowledge, but I was still the bride.

Yes, you have your bridal party, but sometimes you need MORE help. There needs to be someone who knows the ins and outs of your wedding and your vision. Family will be there to help, but the truth is sometimes family is not reliable and they can let you down. Weddings have a way of revealing that. Because of our experience, my husband and I created a service through Style by Carise, so the bride and groom won’t have to stress out as much.

We know that weddings are stressful regardless, but if we can be there to make sure it runs just a little more smoothly, we want to help. We want to be the people we needed on our wedding day. Our goal as husband and wife is to empower marriage and allow God to use our union and our talents to inspire other marriages.

Click here for more information about the Harper Day of Wedding Coordination Package. We are currently booking in the Atlanta metro area. We would love to help you on your day!

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