My Story

Hello, beautiful people!

My name is Carise Harper and I am a creative bombshell! Haha!

After obtaining my degree in textiles, apparel and merchandising, I have excelled in many different areas of the fashion and creative industry.

I have been booked by an array of creative projects crossing over different creative roles including lifestyle modeling, creative production, managing creative projects, styling, and designing for companies requiring a versatile creative talent.

These projects have included Brides Magazine, Bridal Guide magazine, Caterpillar, Wholesome Foods, photo shoot Stylist, bridal stylist, television commercials, WGN news, FOX news, UNIVISION, advertisements, creative production assistant, Bad Boys 3, Chicago Fire, Chicago Justice, fashion show production, day designer for art events, day of wedding coordinator, bridal consultant, wedding designer, personal designer, painter and photography.

After getting my fashion education, gaining years of experience and learning all that I could about fashion, marketing, design, management, customer service, and retail, I took everything I learned and launched Style by Carise!

I wanted to make a safe space for myself to have unlimited creative potential.  I also worked so hard for other fashion companies and my goal was to one day work for myself and inspire others.

Style by Carise is a  creative lifestyle brand. I design and sell exclusive products with my hands, heart and mind. 

 I blog about things I’m passionate about such as, fashion, lifestyle, weddings, marriage, design, and DIY. I am a frugal fashionista, so I also blog about affordable fashion finds and deals.

My goal is to inspire others to “style your life”.  I believe that you can design the life you desire. One of my favorite things to do is make old things new. To be creative does not mean you have to be a fashion designer. You can be creative as a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, or any profession. I believe you can take pain and hard times and re-design your life. You can create happiness and a beautiful life for yourself. Making things with my hands is just a physical way of demonstrating that you can make anything beautiful, especially your life.

 I’m just a young woman trying to live in her purpose using what I think is one of God’s most special gifts……the gift of creativity.

Be inspired. Be creative. Love what you do. Trust God. Dream big!

Carise Harper