UGC creator portfolio

Fashion Videos

Wedding guest outfit inspiration
Black Panther premier fashion
Shein fun fashion video
Blushmark fun fashion video

Product Photos

Product video examples

Palmers body oil
Voiceover and review
Zeelool glasses unboxing video
Product only. No voice.
Dove body wash.
Product only with captions
Amazon nail strips manicure how to video. No music.
Text to speech captions.

Examples of other industries including food, tech, DIY, events and more!

Target bookshelves “how to”
for DIY project
This video reached over 500,000 views organically on tik tok and the product sold out!!!
ASUS monitor with voiceover
Home office ideas
“The Bridgerton experience”
vlog event review
Date night inspiration
Wholesome foods photo collage ad with product

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