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Carise’s Re-Design! From pants jumpsuit to two-piece skirt set!

Have you ever found a cute cheap outfit, and you washed it ONCE and it shrunk?! Of course! Well I am the QUEEN of not throwing fabric away. Ha ha! Every outfit I have, I use it as fabric for something. I think I still have a dress from my 8th grade graduation, just because I loved the print.

There are ways to re-DESIGN any outfit. I personally LOVE to go through my closet and remake old things I don’t really wear anymore instead of giving it away or throwing it away. I bought a super cute pants jumpsuit and it shrunk when I washed it. As a result, I decided to turn this into a two-piece crop top and maxi skirt with a slit.

Here is the fabulous result!

New Design: Off the shoulder crop top with maxi skirt w/ high slit.

Don’t throw things away, especially if you really liked it. Find a way to RE-DESIGN it! Make it an original.

“Re-design, re-style, and re-invent your life!”

– Style by Carise

Happy Styling!