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Fringe Earrings DIY- How to make stylish earrings!

Fringe earrings are in this year! I’ve seen so many different types of fabulous designs. I love a good accessory. I enjoy it even more when I can make my own for not even half of the price that I see in stores. Here is my step by step craft on how to make your own fringe earrings.

Get some fringe

First, go to a store that has a fabric section and purchase a small amount of fringe. My go to store is always Hobby Lobby.

In the fabric section, they usually have fringe that you can measure. You can cut as much as you need.

The best time to go to Hobby Lobby is when they have ribbon, trim, and tulle for 50% off. They have sales like this every other week.

I found some fringe in two cute colors. I cut about 6 inches of fringe in red and gold so I can make two pairs of earrings.

Red and Gold Fringe from Hobby Lobby
Six inches of gold fringe

Total price for the fringe to make 2 pairs of earrings: $1.34! Yes!

Gather your materials

To make these earrings I used scissors, a hot glue gun, ear wires, thin wire, buttons, and fringe. I found this amazing hot glue gun on Amazon. I use it for everything in the house. It’s heavy duty and it’s awesome for DIY, crafts, decorations, and household use.

Start making the earrings

Various gold buttons

I had a bag of various gold buttons that I use for random craft projects that I used to attach the fringe. I got this bag of various buttons from Hobby Lobby as well. Similarly, you can use large rhinestones, buttons, or any type of larger statement piece to attach the fringe.

Two large decorative buttons.

Next, take two of the same buttons or embellishments and put them to the side. This will be the base of your earrings that you will be attaching the fringe too.

Six inches of gold fringe
Six inch fringe folded in half

After that, fold the six inch fringe in half and cut at the top. Now, there should be two pieces of three inch fringe.

Next, make sure your measurements are where you would like them. Fold one of the 3 inch pieces in half. The fringe should be the length of the button, but if it is too long you can cut accordingly. If its too short, center the fringe in the middle of the button.

Glue along top of fringe

Once you have measured out the size of the fringe, take your hot glue gun and glue the three inch piece along the top of the fringe. Fold it in half.

Next, glue a small strip on the bottom of the button where you will be placing the fringe.

Carefully, place the fringe on the glue strip. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if there is a little glue showing because this is the back of the earring.

Next, take a small piece of wire and cut to desired length. The length of this wire will determine how long the earrings will hang. I cut the wire a little under 2 inches. Then, loop the wire through the button hole.

You can twist the wire in the back of the earring and place a little glue to hold it in place. (You can also glue the wire piece down first before gluing the fringe onto the button. I have done it both ways, however, it is totally up to your preference.)

Lastly, attach the ear wires.

Your fringe earrings are ready to wear!

Red DIY fringe earrings

Enjoy your affordable fringe earrings.

Happy Styling!