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Wall Decor DIY: How to refresh your space

Wall decor can really refresh your space in your home. I like to restyle different rooms in my home throughout the year. Sometimes, I change the pillows for the season or change the fabric on some chairs. In this case, I took some DIY wall frames I made from Dollar Tree and added a little greenery to liven up the wall. Here is my craft idea on one way that I improved my home wall decor.

Dollar Tree DIY Signs

DIY Dollar Tree wall decor

When I first moved into my home, I was looking for the perfect eat, pray, love sign. I couldn’t find one, so I just bought three gold picture frames from Dollar Tree and I printed the words and placed them in the frames.

After a while, I decided to change it and make it a little more interesting.

Adding greenery

Leaves cut from fake flowers

I had some leftover fake flowers and decided to cut the leaves off of all the flowers. I used this to create a really cool backdrop for my eat, pray, love signs.

Dollar Tree Backdrop

One dollar foam boards from Dollar Tree

I purchased two foam whiteboards from Dollar Tree. Use these to create the base of the backdrop to glue the leaves on.

Creating the wall decor

I hot glued my eat, pray, love signs on the white boards. Then, I started to glue the leaves around each sign.

Continue to glue the leaves on the board around the signs. This fills up as much white space as possible, giving it more depth. Once you fill up the space you are all done!

New Wall Decor!

Wall decor placed over home bar area

All done! I’m loving the way it came out. I placed it over my bar area. To add a more creative and cohesive touch, place three different types of chairs at the bar under the three different actions; EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

Happy Home Styling!