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How to have a Virtual birthday Party!

A virtual birthday party sounds so unique, but surprisingly this is today’s new reality. Due to the COVID-19, everyone is ordered to stay at home. Like most people, plans are very limited and you have to make the best of this situation. It’s Aries season and most Aries love to go all out for their birthdays. Just because you have to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and have a big celebration! Here’s a super cool idea on how to have an amazing virtual birthday party from home!

Find a space in your home to decorate!

I wanted a nice party backdrop, so I made a DIY balloon garland. First, I ordered some pretty balloons from Amazon for 13 bucks! I had a large piece of velvet fabric that I tacked to the wall in my living room. If you don’t have random fabric laying around like me, you can use a bed sheet or some old curtains.

Next, I blew up my balloons super fast with my electric balloon pump. I love this thing! You can blow up so many balloons so quickly.

Once I blew up the balloons and made my garland, I tacked it to the backdrop.

Then, I found some balloons that say Happy B-Day at the Dollar Tree. I added them to the backdrop to add a pop of gold.

DIY photo backdrop. I added some free balloons on the floor to throw around as well.

Now you have an awesome backdrop to take some birthday photos and party in front of for your virtual party!

Get ready for your party!

It’s a celebration! Even though you are at home, dress up! Find something fancy in your closet to wear. Do your hair, makeup and get ready to celebrate! Go all out. Why not? Life is short!

Set up your virtual outlets

For my virtual party, I did zoom for my parents and close friends. At the same time, I also went on Facebook live. My goal was to inspire people to have fun and celebrate LIFE! With everything that’s going on in the world, I just wanted to spread joy, positive energy and good vibes to everyone on Facebook.

Computer for zoom and phone for Facebook live.

Time to Party!

Here are some of the highlights from my virtual birthday party. It was a great time and probably one of the best parties I’ve ever had. Haha!

My dad wore a bow tie! Ha!

Dance the night away!

September- Song by Earth, Wind and Fire
Dance tonight- Song by Lucy Pearl
Around the Way Girl-Song by LL Cool J

We had a great time! Over 500 people viewed our video and had a good time with us. This is the time to spread love and positive vibes. We need it now more than ever. Celebrate LIFE! Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Despite the circumstances, I hope all of you have great birthdays. Much love to you all!

Style your life with joy!

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    1. Omg. Happy early 30th birthday! Yes girl. Have a huge celebration in your living room. This is best time to get super creative.

  1. Next week I turn 60. You have inspired me to make my virtual party more glam than I originally imagined it. Thanks!

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